Farm News: It’s time to scan some lambs

14 May, 2013

We‘ve just arranged our annual scanning visit, when a technician from Signet Farm Business Consultancy will visit our farm to take ultrasound scans of this season’s lambs.

The technician measures the muscle depth and fat depth in the loin area (where lamb chops come from) to help us identify the animals that have the meatiest conformation.

We use this information to help us choose which animals to retain for breeding. We also record the weights of lambs at birth and at regular intervals to weaning to help us identify those with the fastest rate of growth.

Signet analyses all the data we collect and sends us reports which rank our animals according to their genetic merit. This service is available to sheep producers throughout the UK. We have found it extremely useful and have been recording this performance data for our flock since 2007.

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