Farm News: We follow the progress of one of our rams in Germany

12 May, 2013

We visited Germany with a group of other British breeders of Shropshire sheep at the end of April. Shropshires are well known as “the tree friendly breed” and are used extensively by German tree growers to graze down the herbage between trees in their conifer plantations.

We visited several farmers with Shropshires, including the owner of one of the largest flocks in Germany: Peter Quast runs over 200 sheep and his Shropshires were of a very high quality.  We were delighted to find that one of Peter’s stock rams is a son of Alderton Neville. We exported Neville as a shearling ram (one year old) to Hans Sandmann in 2010.   Later in the trip, we met Hans and he was able to tell us that he was very pleased with the way Neville developed into a ram with tremendous length and stature.

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