Our flock is featured on BBC1’s Countryfile!

20 October, 2013

The BBC’s primetime countryside programme, Countryfile, contacted us in early September about appearing in one of their episodes. We were really excited by this opportunity to showcase the Shropshire sheep breed – but also a bit nervous. Animals can be very unpredictable at the best of times!

We needn’t have worried though: The day went really well. The sun shone, the sheep all behaved themselves and the ram, Special Agent, proved that he is totally uninhibited when it comes to tupping in front of the camera!

Matt Baker was also filmed learning some butchery skills – producing some tasty looking chops from one of our Shropshire lambs. These were then cooked at the Ludlow Food Festival. The chef was full of praise for the quality of the meat and pointed out the marbling in the meat, which keeps it moist and succulent.

The programme featuring our flock was broadcast on 29th September and I think it was a good  advert for Shropshire sheep and their many talents.

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