About our herd

We chose Red Ruby Devon Cattle because the breed is docile and easy to manage as well as being renowned for performing well in “low input” farming systems. Most importantly of all, the breed produces prime quality beef that’s famous for its flavour, texture and tenderness.

Our Dapper Herd of pedigee Red Ruby Devons is owned and managed in partnership with our neighbours, David and Ann Brown. The herd was established in 2003 with the purchase of a cow and calf from the Colleton Herd and four naturally polled females from the Tinkers Herd (Bourton Herd bloodlines).

We continue to breed for naturally polled animals and our herd has been “closed” (no females bought-in) since 2005. We currently have 15 breeding females. Polled bulls from the Hansnett, Tingewick, Tilbrook and Northmoor Herds have been used as stock sires.

We have breeding stock for sale. For more information please visit our Livestock Sales page, or send us a message via the Contact Us page.