Farming to enhance the environment

Our farm, of just under 50 acres, near the village of Nesscliffe, lies close to the River Severn as it meanders through the Shropshire plain. A few miles to the south west are the magnificent Breidden Hills, which rise to just over 1,300 feet on the border between Shropshire and Powys. Standing on the top of one of these is Rodney’s Pillar – a distinctive local landmark. It was built by the gentlemen of Montgomeryshire who supplied oak trees from the area and shipped them down the River Severn to Bristol where Admiral Rodney’s naval fleet was built in the 18th Century.

Our farmland is level and fertile. Most fields have been permanent pasture for many years and contain a species-rich mixture of herbage. We’ve also created two new hay meadows, sown with native grasses and wildflowers and planted nearly a kilometer of hedgerows to enhance the environment for wildlife.

We don’t use pesticides and we minimise the use of herbicides. We encourage farm wildlife and in summer, the farm is home to a large and thriving colony of swallows.

Our livestock is managed as extensively as possible. They are fed almost exclusively on a grass-based diet, and although this means they may mature more slowly, we believe it enhances the quality of their meat.

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