Shropshire sheep

We formed the Alderton Flock of pedigree Shropshire sheep in 1999 with foundation stock purchased from the well-known Sidedowns Flock (now dispersed). Over the years, we have bought rams from several successful flocks, including Ushers, Morley and Hayne Oak Flocks, as well as using our own home-bred tups.

Our flock numbers around 50 ewes and most replacement females have been home-bred since 2004. Our sheep have a high health status, being accredited free from Maedi Visna. The flock is also registered with the Scrapie Monitoring Scheme (in the Negilible Risk category), which certifies that our sheep are free from Scrapie and eligible for export. We have exported Shropshires to France, Germany, Northern Ireland, Eire and the Isle of Man.

We breed for correct breed type and regularly show our sheep with success. Our animals have won breed championships at the Royal Welsh, Burwarton, Minsterley and Oswestry Shows.

In 2006, we began recording the performance of our flock with Signet , as part of the Shropshire Breed Improvement Scheme. Thanks to this, we have greatly increased the average genetic merit of our sheep for commercially important traits such as growth rate, carcass conformation and maternal ability. Our females are well above breed average and we have produced some very high genetic merit tups, ranked within the top 5% of the breed. For more information about Signet recording visit the Shropshire Breed Improvement Scheme page on the Shropshire Sheep Website:

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