Shropshire Wool

Grey Shropshire blend

Shropshire sheep grow high quality, dense fleeces, and their wool is suitable for spinning into fine knitting yarn.

We include selection for good quality wool in our sheep breeding programme. Alderton sheep have won several prizes for “wool on the hoof” at agricultural shows in recent years.

In 2007 we began processing part of the wool clip from our flock into knitting yarn. We work with small, specialised woolen mills to produce a range of yarns, including pure white Shropshire lambs’ wool, Double Knitting and Aran weight yarns. These include several blends of grey yarn, using rare black Shropshire fleece, as well as other naturally coloured Shetland and Ryeland wool.

We use our yarn to produce hand-knitted gifts in our Flock of Ages range, and we also sell knitting yarn and sometimes have raw fleece available.

Please contact us for more details or visit the Flock of Ages website: