Alderton becomes one of the first Shropshire flocks to undertake CT Scanning

18 July, 2018

Five of our Signet-recorded ram lambs were some of the first Shropshire’s to go through the mobile CT Scanner at Stoneleigh at the beginning of July. Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning is a high tech way of evaluating the carcase and bone structure of live animals to identify those that have superior genetics and will therefore make good sires for the next generation.

CT scanning predicts to an accuracy of 98% the muscle shape, including gigot shape and eye-muscle area. It also measures the muscle to bone ratio, the muscle to fat ratio, total spine length, pelvic width and killing out percentage. All these attributes are important for breeders aiming to produce good meat lambs, and so the CT results enable the very best sheep to be identified.

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