Alderton Farm

We’re proud to follow the tradition of natural British quality

Based in the stunning countryside of north west Shropshire, close to the Welsh border, we breed and raise pedigree Shropshire sheep and Red Ruby Devon cattle.

These beautiful native breeds were developed a long time ago. But far from being old fashioned and outdated, they are absolutely ideal for the modern kind of sustainable farming: Our cattle and sheep live outside most of the year, they thrive on permanent pasture and do not need expensive cereal feed. This traditional style of livestock management keeps the animals healthy - and it’s environmentally friendly too.

We’re proud that both our native British breeds produce meat with superb texture and flavour, and that the Shropshire sheep have fine wool that’s good enough for a range for hand-knitting yarns.  We aim to “produce the best, from the best”, and so we strive to achieve the highest standards of livestock quality and animal welfare. Our flock has a high health status and meets the current requirements for exporting pedigree breeding stock to the Europe. Exports to other countries may also be possible.


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Alderton Sherlock wins Signet Performance Award

Alderton Sherlock, born on 20th January 2014, was unbeaten in the show ring this year at Newport, Oswestry and Burwarton Shows.  

He received the Signet Performance Award for the best ram lamb with above average genetic merit at Burwarton, where he competed in a class of 14. Sherlock's Signet index of 202 for carcass plus maternal traits puts him well within the top 10% of the breed. We are using him in our breeding programme this year.